The Savory Thyme Cafe'

Daily Specials

Even though our daily menu is full of mouth watering sandwiches and salads, our specials are where we shine. Everybody that works here submits ideas for the Specials. And we usually go overboard to out do the other cooks. Today was mine. We had a Chicken Stroganoff. It was marinated chicken breast in a boursin cheese sauce with mushrooms sauteed in sherry on a bed of egg noodles with a baby green side salad and a couple of slices of a baguette. All this for $8.99. Needless to say, it sold very well. However, it didn't come close to last weekends special. I butterflied a leg of lamb and marinated it for 2 days in fresh Greek herbs, olive oil, lemon and garlic. I trussed it up so it was in a neat and tidy cylinder and then slow cooked in on the rotisserie for 3 hours while basting it with fresh lemon juice. We thinly sliced it for Gyros topped with a homemade traditional Tzaziki sauce added a Greek salad for a side. I made enough for the whole weekend. I sold out on that Friday. We had to scramble to get something for the rest of the weekend. Nothing seems to be out of the question for the creativity of the Specials. I think tomorrow is Jo Dee's selection of a Muffaletta with thinly sliced Chorizo, Serrano ham, Salami, roasted Mushrooms, Artichoke hearts, Picquillo peppers and Giardiniera with melted provolone on a fluffy Brioche Bun. I could be in for a run for my money...


Our menu changes slightly from Season to Season. We keep our eyes on food trends as well as the fresh eye grabbing items at the local Farmers Market. Please click on the link below for the current menu.